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MODIFIED 1980's CJ Vacuum Diagram


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If you have had a little trouble with your vacuum lines in your computer controlled 1980's Jeep you are not alone.   After a number of other modifications - the "Nutter" Bypass & the TFI Ignition Upgrade - I decided to minimize my Jeep troubleshooting life and ReWork my vacuum lines.

If you have ever had to work on the vacuum lines on a 1980's Jeep you are probably familar with the vacuum diagram shown below.


cj_vacuum_diag.jpg (50407 bytes)


I decided to get down to the bare bones of vacuum setups.  I am fortunate that I live in rural county in eastern North Carolina that does not have emission standards that I would have to meet each year around vehicle inspection time.  If you do I feel sorry for you.  Here is the new and improved vacuum diagram that I have developed.



revised_cj_vacuum.bmp (734774 bytes)



As you can see it is much simplier and easy to follow.


The Jeep runs great.