Fold - N - Tumble Rear Seat

by Keith Hardt

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(September 2002)  -   Since I installed the rear seat in the "MIGHTY EIGHT" (thanks hobbs) a few Scrambler owners have emailed and said that they could not get the center rear seat bracket to work correctly.

Here is what I did to solve the problem . . . . . . . The center rear seat bracket is a piece of flat plate steel about 2" x 4" and with a 2" loop of rod steel welded to it.  I un-welded the loop from one side of the plate steel and re-welded it to the other side of the plate.  (the plate is now upside down from it's original position).  This made the pre-drilled holes on the plate line up with the factory holes on the "MIGHTY EIGHT" (thanks hobbs).


(May 2002)  -  Well, May is really hot in eastern N.C. and Jeep tops have to come off.  Our "MIGHTY EIGHT" (thanks hobbs) is not a daily driver and for much of the winter it sits in the driveway.  It does get driven, but spring, summer, and fall are the JEEP times in our house.


The only barrier to our entire family going Jeeping was nowhere for our two year old to sit.  When we purchased our "MIGHTY EIGHT" (thanks hobbs) it was basically set up as it came from the factory...

Half Hard Top

Hard Doors

Open Pickup type Rear Area


The area where the rear seat normally goes in a Jeep did have unthreaded reinforced holes that were for the factory seat bolt patterns.


We purchased a Steel Horse Fold-N-Tumble rear seat from Four Wheel Drive Hardware.   The staff there was really helpful.


When installation time came modifications had to be made (as always with Jeeps).  But, we overcame and now have a new back seat and Gunnar looks great sitting back there in the car seat.  I had to thread the existing holes, drill new holes, and make a few minor modifications to one of the seat brackets.