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The "Nutter" Bypass with the HEI Ignition Upgrade for the AMC 258

by Keith Hardt

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After I did an HEI Upgrade on my 1985 CJ-8 I decided that it would be pretty easy to do the Nutter Bypass.   Here are the steps that I took to do the bypass...


While I was doing the upgrade on my Jeep's distributor I decided to go ahead and do the Nutter Bypass.   Since the GM distributor has it's own ignition module so the stock Motorcraft Ignition Module is not used in the upgrade.


The only part of the Nutter Bypass I had to do was to force the metering pins to the full rich position inside the carburetor.


I did not want to mess with the idle jets so I just unplugged the connector from the stepper motor, removed the stepper motor from the back of the carburetor, pulled the metering pins all the way out of the housing, and installed the stepper motor back into the carburetor.


I checked and adjusted my timing and idle settings.


While I was in there I went ahead and converted the wiring for the stock Motorcraft Ignition Module and the stock Motorcraft Distributor.


I purchased a new stock distributor connector and a new stock ignition module connector.  This way if I ever wanted to go back to the stock computer-ignition-distributor setup I could without to much hassle. 


I basically connected the orange to the orange, the purple to the purple, and the black to the black.   I made a jumper for the green from the existing wiring harness to the green on the new ignition module plug.  This way I can just switch harness plugs on the module and the module.


You are probable asking why wanted to keep the Motorcraft Ignition Module when I just did an HEI Upgrade on my Jeep???


Two Reasons.....


First,  I plan to carry the stock Motorcraft distributor with me on long treks just in case I have a problem with the HEI Distributor.


Second, I have an extra stock Morotcraft distributor that I plan to upgrade with a large cap and base so that I can use a high energy coil.  This upgrade uses the stock ignition module without the computer and it has me interested.  I have read alot on a BBS about this upgrade an I plan to compare the two side by side.  With the wiring harness in place I should be able to do it pretty easily.